Monday, February 8, 2016

Sam sent us the following email on Sunday, February 7, 2016:

Date:  February 7, 2016 at 9:36 PM
Subject:  No pictures this week but maybe next week…

Heya guys,

We're in a hurry to get down to the south stake center to have a cook out and hopefully play some wiffleball/basketball stuff or something. Should be pretty fun. We bought 7 kilos of chicken breasts this morning and 4 kilos of potatoes. Plus 10 pineapples. Shishkabob here we come. 

There was a little girl on a trike or something that we saw take it right off a foot and a half curb and land right on her face. No problem, she popped up. Nbd. Gotta love that Cambodian spirit.

They're in a little bit of a cold spell (meaning the mornings sometimes get down to about 68), and the coats and winter hats are out in full force. If it ever snowed here so many people would die. Meanwhile we're loving it.

At the market (this kind of stuff happens all the time) some lady was talking about us right in front of us because they think we don't know the language and says joking to her friend, "They're handsome you should take one." The other lady cuts meat..."Careful, they know Khmae!" 

My study has gotten a lot better since President's zone conference this past week. Studying--I don't know--I was always afraid to mark in my scriptures, but now I'm not and I get a lot more out of it. If you need help studying, write stuff down and also don’t worry about marking in your scrips. 

s'good, love you guys!

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