Monday, February 29, 2016

February 28, 2016--Sunday

Skibby opened her mission call last night and has been called to serve in the Spain Madrid Mission! She will report to the Spain MTC on July 12th.  She is so excited!  Sam had been certain that Skibby was going to be called to serve in Cambodia, and Emily was equally sure Skibby was going to be called to San Fernando, California.  So both were a little disappointed...  But I really believe that every individual's call is the right one for them, and I am so happy for Skibby to have the same kinds of amazing experiences serving people that Em and Sam have had on their missions!

We recorded Skibby's mission call opening last night and then emailed it to Sam.  Sam sent us the following after watching the video:

Date: February 28, 2016 at 10:03 PM
Subject:  Play Ball

Hey, happy for Skibby, but I'm a little bummed. Still think she'd be great here. But you can't win them all. We had a transfer go through this week and that is always a little bit hectic, but we got it all figured out and everyone where they need to go. I think they're all happy. It was a good time with Elder Elieson. My new companion, Elder Asay, is really good. I'm excited to have him here and it will be good to help the area. I'm ready for Chaktomuk to get going and it already has and I think will continue to. Boy, I've learned a lot on my mission about a lot of things. I don't have any cool pictures this week, so cling to those Angkor Wat ones from last week. 11 weeks seems like a short time, but until the time I go home still seems far away. Hope all is well back home with you guys. Peace. Go Jazz, plus baseball season is about to get underway here.

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