Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Sam sent us the following email & photos on Sunday, February 15, 2014.  He also sent some video footage of the Bamboo Train and a cave he visited.  You can view the video by clicking on the link at the bottom of Sam's email.

From: Samuel Christensen <samuel.christensen@myldsmail.net>
Subject: Time Trudges on
Date: February 15, 2015 10:17:10 PM MST

Hey guys,

I feel like I'm so old in the mission, but I'm really not. I'm only now entering my 6th transfer, so I have a loooong ways to go yet, but in my mind I'm a seasoned veteran. A big group of Elders just finished their missions. After another group finishes when this transfer is over, there will only be 15 American Elders older than my group. Crazy.

We had two baptisms on Saturday that both went through and were pretty good. It's nice to finally get to take care of some of my own recent converts. So we're still looking to replenish our teaching pool, and I think we'll be able to.

There's a ton that happens out here, but it's all just become so common that I've gotten used to it and it seems like nothing new or exciting happens. It is a daily grind out here, but right now I really am enjoying it.

The transfers brought my old companion, Elder Um, to Battambang, and he's living in the same house with us now. It's funny and I already know everything about him. It's fun though.

Our church attendance was (apparently) 145 people yesterday. I don't trust any of their counting, but I guess that's what it was. But anyways, that means attendance went up 10 from last week, which was a big week in itself. Two weeks ago we had 108 people at church. Part of it is the blitz they did, the other part is that rice harvesting season just ended.

I've started reading the D&C with the study manual that you sent me. It's good, there's lots of information in there. If I can stay awake for all of personal study then I learn a lot.

This letter is so boring. What's happened to me?! I've become the boring missionary who only ever talks about church, boring stuff. Dang it!

Probably my favorite quote of the week was when Elder Cook and I were talking about the impossibility of these people trying to establish food storage systems. Because like, they still don't even know the difference between the Atonement and tithing, but anyways. But he said "the thing here is if all hell broke loose..... all hell's already broken loose." It's true.

Our sisters are so bad in our branch right now. In the past two weeks they have contacted 2 people. Yeah, 2 people. In the past two weeks Cook and I have contacted 126, and we're not completely satisfied with that number either.

I think that's all. Once again, apologies for the boring-ness. I'm probably just losing my personality or something

Peace, love, and good wishes 

Video link:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Pw5AaHsS5Gw  

It looks like Sam just got the Christmas card I sent him 2 months ago!

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