Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Sam sent us the following email on Sunday, February 8, 2015:

From: Samuel Christensen <>
Subject: February Heatwave
Date: February 8, 2015 10:57:45 PM MST

Hey gents,

So we got transfer calls last night and I'm headed nowhere. I'm staying the same with my same companion. That's pretty nice because we have several guys who should be getting baptized within the next few weeks and I wouldn't want to miss them. Besides that, we don't have a lot of investigators to teach right now. It's hard to find people. Like you know how before I was saying how contacting is so easy? Well now it is really hard and no one wants to learn. Is the "not having enough time" as legitimate of an excuse in America as everyone thinks it is. I hear that at least 15 times a day from different people for different reasons. I just tell them now to just be honest because if you don't want to learn I don't care, but don't lie to me.

Speaking of lying to me, there's this old inactive member who we found from a CBR and went to his house once and he said he was too busy and to come back another day. So we went back 2 days later and there he was again, lying in his hammock, listening to his radio. I asked him if he had time and he said no, he was busy fixing the moto that was just sitting there that he wasn't doing anything on. Busy? I looked straight at him for probably 30 seconds and just stared at him and he wouldn't even look back at me.  I was so ticked. When these less actives say all these different excuses for not coming to church it usually comes down to the fact that they've broken a commandment and are ashamed of it and are too scared or cowardly, so they turn against the church and try to bury themselves in their own knowledge and reassurance. I really hate people like that. Are so many of these people that reject us when we try to share the Gospel with them going to be saved in their ignorance or are they just gonna pay for it later? Oh my gosh, it drives me so nuts.

Speaking of less actives we had a bunch of the ward leaders get together on Saturday morning and kind of blitzed the ward area for people who don't usually come, and yesterday 29 more people came to church than the week before.

In church they announced two speakers. After that they announced one hymn. After the hymn was finished, there were no more announcements and no more speakers. There was 15 or so minutes left and the entire congregation sat there waiting and looking at each other expectantly for a minute and a half. I still don't know what was happening or why it happened, but it was one of the more awkward moments since I've been out here.

I really feel like being on a mission here in Cambodia you get to see the best of people and the worst of people. I see some of the sweetest, most faithful, greatest people in the world out here. Conversely I also get to associate with some of the people who are the complete opposite.

I heard BYU signed a 410 pound lineman. I will take credit for all of Nate's basketball-ular successes in that I never let him beat me at stuff, so now he knows how to be good. You're welcome Nate.

Oh, I randomly lost my voice for like 4 days this week. I woke up and it was just shot. It was weird, that's never happened to me.

At English class we learned about body parts. I taught a small group the word "swallow," but I got really confused when the one dude was like "swallow magazine, right?" No, if you swallow magazines you die. Five minutes later he realized his mistake and said "medicine." Yeah you can swallow that.

In a different branch there's a lady who kills dogs and sells dog meat which a lot of people like to eat and say is delicious, but I will never try because of my great love for dogs. Anyways, she passed away this last week. She was bitten by a dog and died from rabies later that night. Ironic. I don't know what an ideal reaction to that story would be, but now you have it and you can ponder on that...

I don't think I'll send any pictures because warning messages have been popping up on this computer about software not being up to date or something, and I don't want to get a virus on my card and lose everything. That's my worst fear.

Have a good week guys!


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