Monday, February 23, 2015

Sam sent us the following email and videos on Sunday, February 22, 2015.  The video shows some men de-constructing a house...  Our questions to Sam appear in italics.

Hey guys,

What are you eating these days?  Are you having rice everyday for every meal?  What is the best thing to put on it.  What is you favorite breakfast, lunch and dinner?  Do you cook mostly or eat out?  Are you getting any American food from the American store?  Probably the thing I eat most is eggs and noodles like ramen, and bread. But I actually like it, so it works. One of our recent specials is breading and deep-frying chicken, putting tomato sauce on top of it, and eating it with rice. The tri-culture meal. We still probably eat rice once every day, but not every meal. It's not actually as annoying eating rice as it seemed like it used to be. We put soy sauce and a red sauce that I don't even know what the flavor is, but it's good. Lots of times I make pancakes too. we probably eat lunch out 3 days a week. If we don't have appointments we'll go and eat a 75 cent. I'm a terrible cook, so usually I let Elder Cook, cook. From the American store I get pancake mix, jam, pb, sometimes milk.

Do you guys share a bathroom between the 4 of you?  There are 2 bathrooms between the 4 of us. But both showers can't be on at the same time or the power flips off.

Do you ever get a chance to throw a Frisbee?  No frisbee for me ever since I moved on from Elder Yorgason.

How often do you need to go to the store?  Like, do you ever need to buy food on non-p-days?  One time a week pretty much covers us for the food. But if I need more bread or noodles, I can just get those along the road.

What is your current best method of contacting?  I'll have to think on the best method of contacting and get back to you next week. But recently the Buddhism excuse has been killing our contacting efforts.

Ross was wondering if it is commonplace for you to see people urinating in public.  People are constantly urinating in public. At the beginning of my mission I liked to take pictures of them. Now, it doesn't seem so strange. It is funny when you see people trying to "hide" it behind a small, small tree.

Chinese New Year was an excuse for people to light off a bunch of fireworks. That's great but it scared me plenty of times thinking that someone had just opened fire with a machine gun right under the house. 

Very interesting to see the different meanings that members and investigators alike can extract from scriptures. Like, they make it work, I guess. I just look at Elder Cook and we kinda just roll our eyes.

And having people find scriptures is a massive feat in itself. Like lots of times they'll be turning pages page-by-page and they're still hundreds of pages away. If they find someone who can actually find it, he's in pretty high demand to find it for them. They look at page numbers anyways, so I'm not sure why it's that hard, but it is.

Thanks guys, I gotta go. Have a good week!

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