Monday, July 14, 2014

Sam leaves the MTC & flies to Cambodia 
on Tuesday, July 15th!

We received the following email & photos from Sam on Monday, July 14, 2014:

Hi Guys,

So one interesting thing that somebody said is that since we're flying to Hong Kong from LA starting in the night, somehow we'll travel with the dark and not see sunlight for a day. I don't know if that's true, but if it is it'll be pretty weird.

There's really not to much that I can think of to say.

I'll have to tell the sisters that they'll get to see Jessa for sure on Friday. Emily sent me some earrings to take to her, so I'll get to give them to her. I liked that picture of Skibby. That's cool that she's doing that [doing humanitarian service in Peru]. Someone in here went and she said it changed her life. 

Yeah, I'd rather not have you guys at the frontrunner station. I think it would just be sad. I'll be sure to point out to them that I live right over there. And frontrunner isn't for sure yet, but I think that's what they'll make me take.
I'm doing pretty well. I've just gotten excited to go. Our teachers told us last week how hard it is and how pretty much everyone gets hit by cars at some point and you will get sick, and one of them said that they were talking to each other and said that if they had to go back to their first area and do it all over again even with their current gospel/language knowledge, they start to feel sick. So that was one of the more interesting "pump up" talks they could have given us. There's a little bit of homesickness. But not too bad. I've grown a lot in here.
I hope that my trainer is good and I know that life's about to get very different for me in a few days.

Thanks for everything
Love, Sam
Sam with Brady Early, a friend from high school
Sam & his companion, Elder Zierenberg (3rd from the left), & 2 other elders
Elder Zierenberg & Sam playing with their Nerf guns

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