Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Sam sent the following email on Monday, June 2, 2014:

Ok what's up everybody,

There are some things about the MTC that I don't particularly like, but there are a lot more things that I'm growing to kind of like. The devotionals are pretty good and going to meetings is long sometimes, but it's almost a relief just because then we don't have to do other stuff. Russell M Nelson came to the devotional last Tuesday. Once again, I heard I got some very quality airtime in the choir. As in I was centered on the camera again. I'm going to start charging people to stand next to me to get on camera so I can start making a little bit of profit. We sang "Hope of Israel" so it was loud and proud. Mom, do you know Brother Eggett? He directs the choir and he's a really cool guy.
I heard about the Cambodia/Vietnam thing. This is relevant to us because in our Cambodian district we have one elder with Vietnamese ancestry, so he will probably be allowed to go into Vietnam and become one of the "branch builders." We also have Elder Nguyen like you said who is learning Vietnamese and he'll probably be allowed to go in too.

We're going to try to get kickball going for gym tomorrow. We need to start doing something new. It's fun because more people that I know are starting to come in here and it's fun to see them.

Dad, do you know a guy (President Jackson) who is an orthopedic surgeon? He's my branch president.  I really like the MTC President and his wife, President Nally and Sister Kaye Nally. They're cool.

We went to the temple this morning and did initiatories. It's getting better there, but I'm still not to the point that I would say that going to the temple is like going to Disneyland like Emily said it was when she was here.
We had trc on Saturday for the first time and that was pretty fun. We talked to one RM and the other person was a native from Cambodia. She escaped during the Khmer Rouge, but her husband was apparently killed. She's very nice. Her name was omMeak. This is really the only way to learn the language because if you're in just a normal school language class then you learn to say something like "I bought bread at the store." A sentence like that does you no good. Here you learn to say stuff like "I go to church to learn." That's way more applicable and relevant.

Nobody flosses their teeth here. I've only seen 3 other people do it since I've been here, and I've only seen them do it once or twice. Bompa would be so upset. Also, I shined my black shoes last week. Nobody knew how to shine shoes so there were about 5 other guys with their shoes and polish sitting around me asking questions and I was preaching. It was like I was giving the sermon on the mount. Is that sacrilegious to say?

I can't think of anything else to say, but I probably will about 5 minutes after I've sent this. Have fun you guys.

Give cubby a hug and a kiss for me.

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