Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Sam sent the following email & photos on Monday, June 16, 2014:

All right people, here I go,

So the British Cantonese left early this morning and that was pretty sad. Everybody loved them and they had such a big impact on the zone that it's just a little somber around here right now.

We had a devotional last Tuesday from Quentin L. Cook and his wife. Rumor is we'll get Richard G. Scott this Tuesday. And yesterday Sheri Dew spoke at the Sunday devotional. She's quite the empowered woman. But she gave a really solid talk.

I already told you about some of the pass downs. I got the pizza tie. Zierenberg and I also were the beneficiaries of a certain nerf dart gun, and that one's a bit of an honor. Had to go through a small "ceremony" to get it though, and that's a different story for a different day.

I'm in the choir thing. We practice from Tuesday to Saturday this week for one hour each day. Unfortunately, that hour falls right during my gym time. So I'm quitting the choir.
Just kidding I'm not quitting. I think i've gained about 5 or 6 pounds in here and I don't think it's necessarily muscle. I need to weigh myself again today though. Good for the spurs. Go spurs. What does the general public think of the Quin Snyder hiring? And the Fisher hiring? I really made some waves in here when I announced the Fisher thing. Let me know if anything happens with Duncan, Ginobili, Popovich, or LeBron.

We're trying to have fun in here. We hosted again last week and we will this week too. But our teachers are getting annoyed that we're missing class, so this will probably be the last week we host.

Happy birthday and happy father's day dad. I was thinking about you. Tell Bompa Lloyd happy father's day too.

I really, really hate planning. Mostly because our days are already planned in here, and if we have to plan for investigators, the investigators AREN'T REAL. I don't know if anyone else in here realized that except for me. Just kidding, everybody realizes it except for the teachers. Who, ironically enough, are the investigators....

But I'm officially on the downhill now in here so that's encouraging. 500 missionaries came in last week and it's getting very crowded in here waiting for showers and food. And it's only going to get worse. I'll be in Cambodia in a month, which is a little intimidating considering they have a lot of bugs, diseases, infections, et al there and as bothersome as it is in here, it's going to be very rough out there.

I told emily this already. The language is coming. It's tricky, but now that I have a basic foundation of vocabulary, I am (very) slowly beginning to read. Only problem is that we just read from PMG or BOM and both aren't the easiest texts. I need something that's like kindergarten-level or something to start with. Reading is really exhilarating though. It is exciting to sound words out that you know and put them together. It feels like a little kid again reading (literally) for the first time.

I think that's it. I love and miss you all.

The alphabet

The Book of Mormon
The way that I think is helpful to try and read: with the script PMG next to the Romanized PMG next to the English PMG   [PMG = Preach My Gospel]

Sam is holding the birthday package we sent him and modeling his flashing new birthday bow tie.
This is the "Pizza Tie" that has been passed down in the zone for a while and now made its way into my possession. I got it from Elder Ferrar. You're supposed to wear it on Friday (Pizza Day) every week and if you forget to wear it then you have to wear it for a whole week every day. But I don't know if I will abide by that or not. We'll see.

Elder Pace (left) who is Hmong and Elder Paramore (right) who is in my district.
Sam, Elder Ferrar, & Elder Zierenberg (Sam's companion)

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