Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Sam sent the following email and photos on Monday, May 26, 2014:

My Dearest Darlingest Momsy and Popsicle and Everyone Else,

How's it going out in the real world? All the Dear Elders from you guys help on keeping me up to date. Except on Saturdays the mail closes at 2 and then closed on sundays and today is a holiday so if you've sent dear elders since friday night I haven't gotten any of them yet.
It's good to get the sports updates. I especially enjoyed hearing about Lail because I'd been wondering how he was doing.

Those darn ducks are nasty. Go Riverton soccer.

It was nice of you guys to include me on your cemetery Memorial Day tour. Now I truly feel like I am dead to you. Skibby can try to learn Root Beer Rag but she will never, NEVER be as good as I was.

Choir is pretty fun. I usually sing in the bass section, but I might move up and sing baritone some of the times. We usually just practice a song for an hour on sundays, then on tuesdays we practice for about an hour and a half of the same song and sing it that night for the devotional. Last tuesday some guy from the seventy came but we sang a song and I got a couple of close ups on the screen. As in I was like featured. Zierenberg says it zoomed in on my face at least 2 times so probably about a whole 15 seconds during a 2 and a half minute song that the camera was just on me. I didn't get to see because looking at the screen is strictly prohibited. And besides that, if you get on the screen and look up at it you look dumb. But about everybody in my zone told me that I was on there big time. They choose the most handsome/best singers to be on the broadcasts. They might be broadcasting  one of the devotionals soon but I don't know how or where. If you find out and can watch it, look for me.

Last night was probably the most sound sleep i've gotten since being here.

It's weird because the people that were here before me seem older than I am, but they're actually about the same age. 

We got haircuts the other day. They actually turned out pretty good despite poor reviews from other elders. We'll probably go about weekly because they're free and it means we don't have to study.

Our class is on the fifth floor of 18m so we have to climb a million steps a million times a day. The elevator is reserved for injured/handicapped missionaries. I play volleyball most days at gym. Somehow, though, I always end up on the bad team and am playing against all the good players.

We have only started learning a little bit of the script alphabet. They're more concerned with us learning vocabulary and grammar stuff right now. It's going to be difficult to learn a whole new alphabet though. I understand most of what the teacher says, but it's harder to have to speak it on my own.

I think I've said just about everything. If you have any questions about anything just ask me specific questions and I can answer them. I miss you guys and hope everything is going well.

Send my regards to Cubby

Sam and his companion, Elder Zierenberg

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