Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Sam sent the following email & photos on Sunday, October 18, 2015:

Subject:  The Cubs, Really? The CUBS!!

Hey guys, what's up

We did the best we could this week. We have a few good people, then also some others. Sometimes it's frustrating because we want to help all the people that we can. Like we want to help everyone, but darn for that agency thing that makes it hard for people to follow through and meet with us. It's hard because when they exercise it to not learn with us you're prone to feeling like you're failing. But we're trying to push through and sift out the bad ones. The chaff, if you will.

Had a good ponderize on "salt of the earth" this last week.

We got Monday and Tuesday to clean our apartments cause of the holiday, then all of us in the city got together and watched the Restoration the long version. That's a boss movie.

We talked to a white guy who was preaching the gospel down at one area we were at. Well actually we tried to talk to him but he was like "no, you're different" and he wouldn't talk to us. He wouldn't even speak in English to us. Really rude. We were just going to know his name and talk to him but he's like naa naa. 

One lady dropped a bag as she was riding on her moto, so I stopped and picked it up for her. As I was handing it back to her it sounded like people were laughing at me. But then I realized that was just the chickens going crazy inside her bag.

People don't have great lesson etiquette. Like the one guy who decided to pluck nose hairs in the middle of the lesson.

Even though the work sometimes feels a little disappointing in this area because it's not super fast, we're still doing good things and I think we're doing it to the best of our ability. I'm going to go so hard on missionary work when I get home. You know, it's not so hard to talk to people about religion, they've just got to know that you really care about them first.

It is pretty warm here but by now I'm totally used to it and we're out in it all day, everyday.

Peace and Love you guys!

Also, remember that friendly waves and confidence will get you wherever you want to go, even if you're probably not supposed to be there.

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