Friday, October 9, 2015

Sam sent the following email, photos, and video clips on Sunday, October 4, 2015.  I'm sorry it has taken me all week to get it posted.  We upgraded our computer's operating system, and it really threw me off my groove!  Painful!

October 4, 2015 at 10:59 pm

I've got some old videos I put on dropbox for you guys,

We worked hard and had a good week last week. We were loving mixing adages this week at home. I also got a "new" bike this week so we're a lot more mobile than before. Much like in Remember the Titans we are "mobile, agile, hostile." Naw I'm just kidding, but it's nice to have gears that work. We'll watch conference this week. We got 5 more new investigators this week. Still trying to have patience to wait for these guys to progress. But Elder Riches and I at least feel like we're doing our part.

We took our trash out once this week and that was something that I never want to do in my life again. Pretty nasty stuff.

We're doing good, we're seeing miracles. I wrote a poem earlier today:


I'd like to think when life is done
That I had filled a needed post,
That here and there I'd paid my fare
With more than idle talk and boast;
That I had taken gifts divine,
The breath of life and manhood fine,
And tried to use them now and then
In service for my fellow men.

I'd hate to think when life is through
That I had lived my round of years
A useless kind, that leaves behind
No record in this vale of tears;
That I had wasted all my days
By treading only selfish ways,
And that this world would be the same
If it had never known my name.

I'd like to think that here and there,
When I am gone, there shall remain
A happier spot that might have not
Existed had I toiled for gain;
That some one's cheery voice and smile
Shall prove that I had been worth while;
That I had paid with something find
My debt to God for life divine.

Just something that just came to me. Actually, I didn't write it, but I did find it in my desk and thought it was apt and very good. Well done, Edgar A. Guest. I think it rings true on several levels, but I'm not feeling like breaking it down. We're trying to bring smiles to everyone's faces, and then invite them to change their lives and learn about Jesus Christ. How great is our calling!

I miss you guys and love you. Peace!

Hey, this is 4 of us from our group of 6. They came over and did an exchange with us 
and it was really fun. Good guys

Youths can change the world.............with the guidance from adults. 
What an almost inspirational quote

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