Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Sam sent the following email, video clips, & photos on Sunday, March 24, 2015:

From: Samuel Christensen <samuel.christensen@myldsmail.net>
Subject: Transfer Calls, No Transfer

Date: March 22, 2015 11:34:00 PM MDT

Well I thought I would be leaving Battambang this transfer, but we got calls last night and I'm staying for a 4th transfer here with another companion of reputation, and we will be zone leaders together. I'm hoping this will all work out ok. Elder Cook is leaving and going up to Siem Reap to be a district leader. Lots of guys in my group and even a guy below me are training. Our mission is super young. There is a possibility that I will be in a 75% Cambodian-speaker house now.

The start of last week was better for the beginning half on the investigator side of things, but it slowed halfway through the week, and was dead by Sunday. I'm hoping that we can get enough new people to teach this week that we can go into the next transfer rolling, because if there's no one to teach next transfer, it could be a really long transfer.

We did start teaching one new lady this week. We finished teaching her lesson 1 and taught her to pray and asked her to say a closing prayer, but she was too scared and said she wanted to wait until later, so I said I would pray to close. During the prayer there was some super loud, strange sound. I opened one eye, but didn't see what it was. After the prayer we left and rode away. Elder Cook told me that the sound was one of the chickens violently raping a duck during our prayer. That certainly wasn't very reverent of them.

I saw a guy carving a slingshot with a broken shard of a glass bottle.

We've had a lot of people stand us up for appointments this past week, including one guy twice in one day. But at least we had appointments scheduled...

There was a senior couple who is serving in Hong Kong that came here for a short time to train a senior couple here or do a presentation or something. Anyways, the lady had been out of the car and in the building for 5 minutes. She just came out of the bathroom and exclaimed, "I just feel so...dirty!" Yeah, welcome to The Show.

Yesterday at church we sang Silent Night for the Sacrament rest hymn. Then in the Gospel Principles class the lesson was on the Life of Christ. Our teacher, bless his heart, taught about Jesus' birth and his childhood. Then (in an effort to condense the material and cover the parts that he deemed most important), skipped 3 pages and covered the last point that was like "why the Atonement is important" or something. Then we prayed to close and finished right on time.

Even though we don't have enough investigators to fill out our schedule entirely, we do have a couple who are really good, just progressing really slowly. I'm grateful for the good ones.

That's all I got!

Video Link to "Magic Trick, Coconut Crack, Black Water, & Burning Tree":

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