Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Sam sent the following email & photos on Sunday, March 29, 2015:

From: Samuel Christensen <samuel.christensen@myldsmail.net>
Subject: Hey Guys

Date: March 29, 2015 10:38:34 PM MDT

Elder Kim is my new companion. He's Khmae. He's close to finishing his mission and has previously served in Battambang, but in a different branch. My house is now 3 Khmaes and me. Oh how quickly did it flip from being an all-American household. Now it's me that has no one to talk or relate to. We're eating a lot more rice now, too.

I think my voice sounds higher in the videos too. Actually I think when I speak Khmae I speak maybe a little higher than normal, but I don't think my overall voice has really changed. I don't know, you'll have to judge it when you hear it in a year.

I didn't even know it was Easter this week until I got on email.

On Friday morning we left and went down to Phnom Penh for transfers. We got there at 2:15 or so. So I had a cool 20 minutes to be at the mission home, then we turned around and came right back. We didn't get back until 9:20, so it was a full day on the bus for me. Fortunately, the Chinese shoot-em-up movie, and the Thai punch everything movies were better than expected.

We're still painfully low on investigators. Hoping that things can look up. We had no investigators at church yesterday.

Every time I have a native companion I think about writing a new rendition of "Let it Go" and change the wording to "Let us Go." I often find myself apologizing for our lateness....

We get to go down to Phnom Penh again today, actually, for a meeting. So we'll leave at 12, get into the city late, and meet tomorrow. I won't be back in Battambang until tomorrow night. More foreign movies and mission home for me!

Last week we went to a crocodile farm, and that was pretty cool. That led to us having a bracket for "The Ultimate Animal 2015," which took a lot of debating and somehow we ended up with the elephant. What animal do you guys think would win in a fight?

Elder Cook & Sam.  Elder Cook was just transferred to Siem Reap.
He was a great companion and Sam will miss him.

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