Thursday, October 30, 2014

Sam sent the following email and pictures on Sunday, Oct. 27, 2014.  Our comments/questions are in italics.

Hey Everyone,

This past week was better than last week. Still hard in plenty of ways, but missionary-work-wise it was a lot better. I think my companion is really sick.  He's taking medication that has some wicked side-effects. We had regular interviews with the president this week and he said my companion is very sick and to just do what he can do. So I have his OK, and we just do what he can do.

We saw Jessa and the Homers today at stake conference and it is a little surreal to think they were just in Cambodia and are now home.  Carol said that there is just no way to get the full impact of what you see there through pictures.   Yeah, the Homers are right. Like, you just can't capture everything here in a picture or a video or a letter. You've got to be here and live it. Sometimes it's awesome living it and sometimes it's not.

You said last week that you hadn’t had rain for about a week and a half.  It rained a bit more this week. 

We had 26 lessons this week and got 7 new investigators, so number-wise it was a very successful week. I did have a bike crash, and on the way to emailing today I lost my wallet with my church debit card and old byu id card and about 75 dollars in it. So that's a bit of a downer for today. Ughh. I never carry that much cash on me, but I put the 70 dollars in today so I could break the 50 at the grocery store, and then I must have dropped it on the ground, and when we came back to look for it 3 minutes later, it was gone. So someone's taken it and is 75 dollars richer. And I'm fine from the bike crash. But yeah, various things that just make life a little tougher. Like I get that it's all part of the plan, but sometimes I wish the plan was a little different.

I see Elder Yorgason almost every P-Day, and Elder Zierenberg is closer to the city now so I get to see him sometimes. We had an exchange this last friday, and it was good. On Friday and Saturday we got 7 lessons both days. 

Do you have much interaction with your mission president?   Sometimes I interact with the president. I try not to if I can avoid it because he is just such a big presence that no one really knows what to say to him. How is the ward doing at staying for the Sunday meetings? The ward still leaves by 3rd hour. But I've come to expect less from them, so it's not as big of a deal as it used to be. We saw a picture of you talking on a cell phone.  Wow, how is that speaking Cambodian on the phone? It's hard to speak on the phone sometimes, but now it's do-able. If I really can't understand what they're saying I hand it off to someone who can, and if there's no one there to hand it off to I just say, "so you can/can not meet at X time?" cause usually they just go off on an excuse for why they can't meet and they're always busy and can't find 30 minutes in their life. Yet they make it to English class.

English class has gotten a little bit more stressful, because now I'm the only English-speaking person in my district, so I have to teach the class all by myself. So every Wednesday I get to stand in front of a bunch of Cambodians and represent the only English person in the room and straight up teach all by myself for one whole hour. But it's not too bad if I get enough time to prepare for it. It is what it is.

Are you doing the magic trick with the three ropes? do magic tricks when the moment is right. But then they all want me to teach them and they get upset when I tell them it's no fun if I show them how it's done. Are you having any trouble with mosquitos? I haven't had to worry about mosquitoes at all since I've been here. That's mostly a problem out in the kites--the city isn't too bad. There are tons of bats here though. 

That's all I have. I don't know. I'm a little down right now, probably because of the wallet thing. I know it doesn't really matter, it's just a little frustrating on top of everything else. I'm sure I'll be fine. I just miss home sometimes.

Mamy Poko Pants. We truly are witnessing the degeneration of society.

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