Friday, July 17, 2015

Sam sent the following email, photos, & video clips on Sunday, July 12, 2015.  Our questions are in italics.

What up guys,

You wondered about our English class. Last week we had a total of 90 people come out to our English class. That was really high for us. Myers and my class had 32 people and just the two of us teaching. We do basic class. If I can I like to teach medium because more of them can understand when I make jokes. How often does it rain there? It rains here whenever it wants to. You sent an overhead picture last week of someone cooking dinner.  How did you manage that vantage point? We were above the lady cooking dinner, so I put my camera to the floorboards and took a picture. Simple as that! You said you’ve gone on a couple of exchanges to Stung Meanchey.  How do the people living there respond to the missionaries?  They're very open to missionaries there.

Yesterday I was browsing through the Mormon Channel, and happened upon a video segment of a documentary series titled, “Two Brothers Two,” which tells about a guy named Luke Nelson who served a mission in Cambodia.  Do you know him?  I've heard of the Nelson guy and seen one clip. He was long gone before I actually got here. It's cool because I wish we had camera guys following us around getting sweet clips of us doing stuff. But on the other hand it makes you feel bad if you're here. There's one where he talks about going to get rice to eat and then looking around and seeing people looking at him and thinking "when was the last time that person ate rice?" Like yeah, that's a really nice thing to think, and it looks great on a documentary, but in reality what does he want us to do about it? Should we buy them all rice so they can eat too? If we do that then we might as well be EVERY other Christian church in Cambodia. Like, it's cool from the outside and the culture is spot on what it is here, but from the inside like I'm living that and he's kind of going over-the-top. My take, though..

We got to have MLC last Tuesday, which the Christensens didn't teach much at since they're still trying to get acquainted with everything. But it was good and fun to see a lot of my friends who are out in different areas. Then we took that and taught our South Zone Training on Thursday. They were a little dead, but I think it went ok. We have set new 3-month goals, which are (I think) pushing, but also realistic and believable. President talked a lot about how we should be accomplishing our goals. He said "the missing of a goal should be relatively rare." He's got some cool ideas and takes on things.

We tied Lookpu Pan's leg up to a table with a bungie cord. That'll help him a lot, but we couldn't help but try to suppress laughter as we were doing it thinking what his family might think. hahahah

I guess Pioneer Day is a big holiday here. They didn't really mention it that I saw too much last year, but at the same time I couldn't speak the language then, so... But they're gearing up for a big Saturday bash to celebrate our pioneering ancestors.They met after church together, the entire ward council and even their counselors for our monthly meeting. The only thing on the agenda: what we were going to eat for the party. They went through all kinds of different Khmae food options for about 40 minutes before settling on ordering hamburgers. Go figure. When we asked the little kid (holding the baby in the pic I'll send) if he knew what Pioneer day was he said it meant sandwiches and juice. I mean, fair is fair.

I made the cinnamon cake in the newly-discovered slow-cooker.

You know, to answer that thing I said a few weeks back about not having the golden plates. Has anybody actually located the 2 tablets with the 10 commandments on it?..... I didn't think so. Doesn't make those any less real, does it?

Some old crazy guy saw us riding our bikes and he straightened up and put his feet together and gave us a good old-fashioned military soldier salute. We were in a rush so I returned the salutation. Myers stopped and he got his hand kissed...

That's about all for my week. We're actually hoping for 1 baptism this next week instead of 2, but we'll get there. 

Thanks guys, have a good week!

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Sam wrote, "Is something wrong with this mural?"

Lightning rod

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