Wednesday, June 24, 2015

I'm still running behind on posting Sam's emails and pictures, but I am trying!  Sam sent us the following email, pictures, and video clips on Sunday, June 14, 2015:

From: Samuel Christensen <>
Subject: Transfer Calls: I'm Going.......
Date: June 15, 2015 12:38:05 AM MDT be the same. Yeah, I'm with Elder Myers for another transfer and still in Tuol Tompung. We're losing our sisters though, so now we're going to have to take up trying to cover and meet all the women too and that's always a bit of a pain.

So of the videos I sent, one is of a little Cambodian kid singing Let it Go in Russian. Don't ask me how he learned that. One is when I went on an exchange to Stung Meanchey area, which borders the famous (infamous?) Trash Mountain. One guy living nearby mentioned how he so enjoys living next to a mountain. That it was peaceful or something. "Beautiful scenery?" I suggested. Yes, he confirmed it. I think that since they've put dirt on the top lots of people have forgotten that there's still several stories of garbage underneath. But that's how a lot of these people think--very surface level. One of our investigators was telling us how successful Cambodia was in the 60s, but then some "problems" happened after that. It's pretty sad, pretty tragic. I've heard from a lot of people who lived in that time period that because they weren't supposed to be reading books or studying foreign languages during Pol Pot they'd have to kind of lock themselves in so they could privately sneak trying to study French in or something without the government knowing. It truly looked like a nuclear waste-zone of garbage and old plastic bags down there.There's extreme poverty down there, but for the most part I feel numb to it and don't really notice lots of it.

I don't know if I've ever mentioned it or not, but it's amazing because no one in Cambodia has any idea what a McDonalds is or Subway. Pretty much anything that is world famous like that they've never heard of. They do know KFC and Burger King though. Most people don't really know what to think of America. I think they think it's all just palaces and gold-paved roads.

In last week's English class we were learning words about travel or the world or something. One of the vocab words was Africa and an example sentence was "When I think of Africa, I think of ________" So we were going over that question and 3 people in a row answered "black skin." I'm guessing it's just a lack of vocabulary?? They're super racist here too. Probably like Missouri or something. I don't know, when I think of Africa I think of giraffes and lions and stuff but that's just me.

We decided that we had a mouse in our house, so we left some bait out for it: a piece of chicken that Elder Myers soaked in permethrin, and I drizzled some My Boy on the top for good measure. Come morning, that whole piece of chicken had been eaten. So now either the mouse is sick and dead, or it is immune to permethrin and is grateful for the large protein meal we left out for it.

Both of our bike tires were broken yesterday morning, so we ended up walking everywhere instead. Let me tell you: If our mission was a walking mission like South America, nothing would get done. Until we have more missionaries here the areas have to stay big. One day I hope there'll be more missionaries here so it can be zoned down and more people will be likely to be contacted by missionaries.

They're playing the news here in the email shop today, and there is noooo censoring on this stuff. They're showing graphically dead bodies lying on the roads bleeding out, and them doing CPR on some guy who electrocuted himself while doing construction or something. Like this stuff would not fly in America.

That's all I got. We'll try to do more fun stuff this week so we have stuff to report on

Safe flying

Video Clip:

The pictures above and below are of Stung Meanchey, or "Trash Mountain"

Elder Myers & Sam

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